Whats New in Duckd Version 1.2

Duckd version 1.2 includes two of our most request features. It also includes a bug fix for Ducking Alerts (via push notifications). Each are described below.

  • New Duckie Cost Analysis support (Summary Cost on My Duckings Map)
  • Push Notifications update: Support for new Ducking Alert distance settings (requires PRO subscription)
  • Includes a new, additional layer of privacy to hide individual Ducking Events (Ghost Protocol)

Ducking Cost Tracking

My Duckies cost HOW MUCH?

Some ardent Duckers have given away thousands of Duckies. The Duckd app has always served as a great place to document those Duckings — but now we’ve added a Cost Tracking field to the Ducking edit screen. A dollar cost can now be added to each Ducking — and the tally of all Ducking in a given area or time frame appear on the My Duckings World Map.

Ducking Alert Proximity Settings

Previous versions of the Duckd app supported Ducking Alerts from anywhere in the world (some might say everywhere in the world). As some Users are aware, this led to a great number of Ducking Alerts, particularly over the weekends.

Duckd 1.2 now features Ducking Alert Proximity Settings (local, regional, global) so you can better dial-in the alerts you really want to know about.

Ghost Protocol

Previous versions of the Duckd app supported an all-or-nothing approach to sharing your Duckings (Privacy Settings). Some users wanted more control to fine-tune their sharing.

Duckd 1.2 now feature Ghost Protocol which enabled Duckers who have sharing enabled hide individual Duckings from the World Map, their Personal Maps (My Duckings and My Duckies), and from the Ducking Leaderboards.

A Fix for Push Notifications

Some user have been experiencing problems getting their Push Notifications setup to receive Ducking Alerts. A fix for this has been included in Duckd 1.2 and details are available n this Push Notifications Not Activating? technical note.

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