What’s Free? What do I have to pay for?

Duckd™ has been designed to meet the needs of a wide range of Duck Duck Jeep enthusiasts:

  • Casual observers
  • People who want to keep a simple log of their Duckings (when, where, how many Duckies)
  • People who want to names their Duckies, add a personality profile, and follow their Duckies in the wild (PRO).

We’ve created a business model that enables everyone but die-hard Ducking enthusiasts to use the app for free. For PRO Duckers, we charge a small monthly fee to help offset the cost of maintaining our app for all Duckers. The PRO Subscription is managed in the app, and can be cancelled at any time.

World MapDuckie Tag ID Activations
Add Duckies with PhotosConnect Named Duckies to Ducking Events
Build Duckie ProfilesDucking Alerts (push notifications)
Log Duckings Events with PhotosPrivate Group Sharing
PRO Badge on Leaderboards
Superstore Discounts

Why We Charge for a PRO Subscription and Duckie Tag ID Stickers

An activated Duckie Tag ID (like “MYID44” or “DUK123”) becomes registered on our global network as one of your permanent Duckie IDs for all time.

When you give a Duckie with a Tag ID the recipient can enter that ID to view details about their new Duckie (personality, life events) and you will be alerted when the Duckie is scanned in a new city. 

We charge a fee to help cover the cost of maintaining our servers and databases worldwide — so when your Duckie gets a new home it’s history is always available to new owners. This fee also helps make sure that no other person can use a Duckie ID once you’ve activated it.

Protecting Your Privacy Is Expensive

We’re a small business based in Pittsburgh, PA. Our apps are used around the world, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. On average hundreds of people from over 2 dozen different countries are using our apps at any given moment. We’ve been building apps for the App Store for more than 11 years running.

We take user privacy very seriously. We protect our user’s private information with state-of-the-art encryption, and servers housed in military-grade data centers.

Duckd™ was built by Jeep enthusiasts on our team. We own Jeeps. Naturally we wanted to do our part to further the DuckDuck Jeep movement. Keeping your data safe on a global scale is expensive. We offer a PRO-level experience to help offset these costs, protect the private data of our users, and keep this Duck Duck Jeep app available for everyone for years to come.

Experiencing a Financial Hardship?

Want to go PRO but don’t have the budget? We’ve been there. Reach out to our team via our Contact page. We’ll review your situation and grant free access to our PRO features for a full year.

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