Understanding the Duckd app in 60 Seconds

Duckd is a permanent log of all your Duckings, given and received, and is completely private. You decide what information to share, if any.

A Brief History

Jeep owner? Find a rubber duckie on your Jeep?

Congratulations, you’ve been DUCKED!

Duckd is a new app that helps you keep tags on your activities in new Duck Duck Jeep movement. Jeep Ducking began in 2020 as a way for one Jeep owner to show appreciation of other Jeeps. The practice involves placing a rubber duckie with a tag on it that tells the Jeep owner they’ve got a nice ride.

The practice has caught on in a big way — with some Duckers gifting thousands of Ducks.

The Duckd™ App

Duckd is a permanent log of all your Ducking events —visible only to you on an interactive map. You can log the Ducking event, take a photo of your Ducking activities — and even build a library of Duckies with names, personalities and life events.

The app uses modern technology to help make logging your Ducking activities as painless as possible. Once setup, a Ducker is able to Duck a Jeep, log the Ducking, and take a photo — all in less than 10 seconds. Location recording is automatic.

Only you can see your Ducking events. Only you can see your Ducking photos and photos of your Duckies.

You can choose to share some of those details however — for example sharing a Ducking to FaceBook — and this is where the Duckd app can be a lot of fun.

Balancing Fun and Privacy

Duckd was built by mobile app privacy experts with more than 10 years experience and millions of downloads to their credit. The app developers go to great lengths (and expense) to keep all of your Ducking data private and secure.

But there is fun in sharing — and fun in competition. If you choose, you can create a Ducking handle for yourself and share your Duckings on the World Map. You can see how your personal Ducking adventures compare with other Duckers via Leaderboards.

Shared Ducking locations on the World Map are temporary — and they roll off pretty quickly. Your private map of your personal Duckings are permanent — but can only be viewed by you — and can grow to show thousands of Duckings over time.

Naming the Duckies You Give, Adding Personality Traits, and Following Them Over Time

Duckers can get attached to the Duckies they give away. The Duckd app fosters this attachment by allow Duckies to have names, parents, a birthday, personality traits and life events.


So you get a new Duckie and you notice it has a QR code and an ID number on it’s butt.

If the QR code is an official Duckd Duckie ID Tag and you scan that QR code with your smart phone you will be able to see a personality profile for your new Duckie.

Duckies scanned in the wild record a coarse location of the scan — the city that the Duckie has traveled to. This information can be reported back to you only if the new Duckie’s owner a Sharing enabled in their Privacy settings.

This scan may allow the original owner to see what city this Duckie has traveled to if you have Sharing enabled. It does not report your location to the Duckie’s original owner .

We encourage everyone to protect their privacy. One of the best ways to protect your privacy is my understanding how your information is shared (if you have sharing enabled). Please fee free to reach out to our team about your privacy while using our app — we will take the time to help you understand how to keep your information private.

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