, and Home Routers

Security-conscious users might notice that Duckd apps communicate over the or networks. This is by design and is not a security threat.

Duckd was build using the SodaPop Mobile App Development Architecture, sending encrypted data over the network by default.

  • All data communications are encrypted and secured.
  • Our apps are hosted in military-grade data centers worldwide.
  • and networks run exclusively on Amazon Web Service (AWS) around the world.

If your network administrator filters your network traffic by domain, please ask them to allow data to flow to and from the and domains.

The Global SodaPop Network:

Depending on what continent you are connecting from, your data may be routed through the network. While identical to the network, this network will route your app’s data to the SodaPop server nearest your current location. Servers are hosted in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa and the Pacific Rim (Oceania).

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