Get Ducked? Your Duckie may have a humorous backstory thats just a smartphone scan away…

Scan Your Duckie’s Tag ID To Reveal Its History.

Some of the rubber duckies given as part of the popular Duck Duck Jeep movement come with a scannable ID attached. For most duckies the ID is attached to their underside. Flip the duckie over and use the camera in your smartphone to center the QR code in the screen. This will to reveal a tappable link. Tap that link to view a detailed history about your new rubber duckie.

The Duckd™ app by SodaPop enables Duck Duck Jeepers to create and activate special Duckie Tag IDs on a global network. Anyone can scan the ID to lookup details about that individual duckie — from anywhere in the world.

Basic details include the duckie’s name, birth date, the place it was born, and the duckie’s parents —who presumably are the people who gave this duck away in an event called a Ducking (in Duck Duck Jeep terminology).

When the Duckie’s tag ID is scanned the city name it was scanned at can made available to the Duckie’s parents (depending on privacy settings) so they know that their Duckie has traveled to a new town. “The location of ongoing duckie scans is not perfect…” team manager C. Scott Gilbert explains. “Our app has deep privacy controls that enable users to fine tune what location information in shared. Some user really excited about sharing the GSP location of their Duckings. These Ducking appear on a World Map and on Leaderboards. Each user has deep privacy controls they can fine tune any way they like — and the privacy setting are set to the most secure out of the box.

Additional details found in a Duckie’s personality profile can include details of their type of personality, schooling, their work history, reported encounters with aliens or alien abductions, and wether or not the duckie is currently wanted by the FBI or Scotland Yard.

The app is free to download from the App Store and is nearly fully functional out-of-the-box. A subscriber-based PRO version is available for the Duckers who want to activate Duckie ID tags on the global network.

Not into subscriptions? You can buy sheets of adhesive Duckie Tag IDs from the Duckd web site that come pre-activated on the global network — you simply need to attach them to a rubber duckie, and customize that’s duckies personal history.

The SodaPop Company, responsible for building the maintaining the app, is based in Pittsburgh and has millions of app downloads to their credit. That group gained notoriety by creating the Swackett series of weather apps more than a decade ago (first appearing in 2011).

Download the Duckd app here.

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