How To Duck a Jeep in 60 Seconds (full video)

HOLLYWOOD, California, 2022: Duckings should be fast and easy, right? This video shows how to Duck a Jeep with the Duckd app, record the Ducking for all time, all in less than 60 seconds.

What is Duck Duck Jeep?

Jeep Ducking began during 2020’s COVID lockdown as a way to brighten a fellow Jeep owner’s day. The idea is to let a Jeep owner know you think they have a “nice ride” by placing a rubber duckie on their Jeep. It is commonly known as Duck Duck Jeep, or Jeep Ducking, and involves “Duckers” who give “Duckies”. It is practiced in the US and Canada — although we have logged Duckings in Europe, Australia and Japan.

Full video below. Tap the play button on mobile devices. Soundtrack by Snoop Duck.

Once you find a Jeep to Duck, logging a Ducking with the Duckd app is done in three basic steps:

  • Scan the Duckie’s ID
  • Sign your Ducking Tag / Duck the Jeep
  • Take a photo of the Ducking

Location recording is automatic. You have complete control over the privacy of your Ducking.

About This Video

The One Ducking Is Never Enough video shows the Ducking process in true Hollywood style. This video was shot with iPhone 13 Pro Max handsets, edited and mixed with iMovie and Final Cut Pro. A variety of Jeeps were used in this shoot, with action shots being filmed in a 2021 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon with special edition Gecko green finish. It was filmed in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

No Ducks (or animals of any kind) were harmed in the making of this film.

Soundtrack by Snoop Duck.

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