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Current App Versions

Platform Status Version Updated iPhone Release 1.2.1 Oct 10, 2022 iPad Release 1.2.1 Oct 10,… Continue Reading

Whats New in Duckd Version 1.2

Duckd version 1.2 includes two of our most request features. It also includes a bug… Continue Reading

Push Notifications Not Activating?

Are you Ducking Alerts not being delivered as expected? We’ve notice an issue with iOS… Continue Reading

The Duckd App and Charitable Support

A portion of proceeds from Duckd app subscriptions and sales from the Duck Duck Superstore… Continue Reading

Leaderboard Algorithms

Our Duck Duck Leaderboards employ a special series of check on Ducking Events to help… Continue Reading

Understanding the Duckd app in 60 Seconds

Duckd is a permanent log of all your Duckings, given and received, and is completely… Continue Reading

Ducker of the Day

Squeaky from the North Port area, Sarasota County, Florida Squeaky, from the North Port area… Continue Reading

PRO Not Activating? You Get a Gift!

Did you GO PRO but it didn’t appear to work? Our apologies! We are looking… Continue Reading

Stuck? Our Happiness Coordinators Await You!

Stuff happens. Can’t figure something out? We’re here to help. Drop us an email and… Continue Reading

What’s Free? What do I have to pay for?

Duckd™ has been designed to meet the needs of a wide range of Duck Duck… Continue Reading

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