Logging a Ducking with a Duckie Tag ID

Logging a Ducking Event when the Duckie involved has a Duckie Tag ID is the easiest, fastest, and most accurate way to record a Ducking. A Ducking performed using the steps here can be recorded in less than 30 seconds.

A Special Note for Owners of Duckie Tag ID Stickers Who Are Giving Duckies Away

Logging a new Ducking using the process described here records the Ducking Event. If the Duckie involved isn’t already a member of your brood (visible in your My Duckies tab) then the Duckie is automatically added to your brood. In that case, the Duckie will be assigned a name matching the Tag ID. You will likely want to go to the My Duckies tab, find the Duckie you just created, and give it a better name.

Eight-Step Process

Make sure you are on the Ducking Log tab, and then tap the Scan ID button to get started.

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