Hard Core Data Entry With The Duckd App

Duckers passionate about the Duck Duck Jeep movement have been known to build extraordinarily large collections of rubber duckies. One Ducker was quoted online with having given away more than 8,000 duckies.

The Duckd app enables users to build a permanent database of duckies and ducking events. While much of the logging of duck-related data is achieved with the scanning QR codes, even a simple task of giving your duckies a custom name can require some data entry. Got several hundred duckies? Thats a lot of names to enter. Data entry on a mobile device — even larger devices like an iPad — can be cumbersome.

The Duckd app runs as a full featured, multi-window application on modern Apple Mac computers.

Some users of the Duckd app have built very large collections of duckies (and ducking events) even in the BETA test phase of app development.

Fortunately the Duckd app runs as a full featured, multi-window application on modern Apple Mac computers (equipped with the M1 chip or better). If you are doing lots of Duck Duck Jeep- related data entry, the macOS version of the Duckd app is a joy to use.

On the macOS platform Duckd’s multiple windows couple with the speed and ease of using a traditional keyboard for typing — make hard core Duck Duck Jeep data entry manageable.

What about Android users?

An Android version of the Duckd app has been in development for some time — but privacy issues within the Android ecosystem have taken longer than expected.

More details to follow as they become available.

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