Activating a Custom Duckie Tag ID

Allow Others To View Your Duckie’s Personality Profile with Duckie Tag ID Activation

Your Duckie need an ID code all its own in order to be have it’s personality profile be viewed by other people. This unique code is called a Duckie Tag ID. These uniques are not required to use the Duckd app — and are only required if you wish your Duckie to be scannable by other people.

Tag ID Stickers and Blocks of Tag IDs that you buy come pre-activated. There is no need to activate these IDs.

People who scan your Duckie’s Tag ID will be able to learn about your Duckie: It’s name, parent, personality traits, it’s travel history and live events.

When your Duckie Tag ID is scanned in by other Duckd users who haves sharing enabled you may see how far your Duckie has traveled on the My Duckies tab of your World Map (only you can see this). This can allows you to see how far your Duckie has traveled, but is dependent of the new Duckie owner’s Privacy settings (they must have sharing enabled).

4-Step Process

Activating your very own Duckie Tag ID is a 4-step process, as shown in the attached diagram.

You can enter any 6-character code — but it must be unique on our network in order to activate.

After you enter a code press the Activate Tag ID button. If the ID is unique it will activate, and will be your Tag ID forever.

PRO Subscription Required

A PRO Subscription is required to be able to activate your own Duckie Tag IDs on the Duckd network. Once you activate a Duckie Tag ID — it’s yours forever — even if your PRO membership expires.

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